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Farmer's Choice - Delicatessen Recipes
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Delicatessen Recipes

Black Forest Ham

A ready to eat, air dried ham made from the best selected muscle of the pork leg. It is then cured with salt and nitrite and air dried for up to 7 weeks.

This system of preparation produces a positive flavour and texture quite different from other hams.

It can be used as the starter to a main meal. Particularly great with melon, avocado and orange! Its also ideal on pizza, with bacon, pasta dishes and salads.

You can dress a pork chop, a joint of chicken or sausage with the ham and bake in the oven for a delicious masterpiece.

Black Forest is versatile, however its not the best ham for sandwiches.

Turkey Roast

Turkey Roast

It is made from 100% milk fed whoite turkey breast and is specially produced to ensure it is moist and tender. It is a lean, low fat white meat and hence very popular.

Turkey Roast and cooked warm potato

Peel and cook your potatoes, allow them to cool and later cut into cubes. Cut your turkey into strips or cubes and put aside. Fry some thinly sliced onions in butter ubtil brown and drain off any liquid. Put all ingredients into a bowl and gently fold the together taking care not to break the potatoes. Season with a little salt and add some mayonnaise. Serve with a green salad.

Turkey Roast in white wine sauce

Make a white sauce with white flour, butter and milk blended together. You can also buy a packet of white sauce from the supermarket. Add your diced or strips of turkey to the white sauce, season to taste, then just before serving add a glass of white wine. Gently fold all together with a wooden spoon. Serve with green vegetables.

Turkey Roast in Pasta

As you finish cooking your pasta, add thin strips of turkey breast taking care not to over-heat. Gently fold in to the pasta with seasoning and sauce of your choice.

For sandwiches, thinly slice tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce and layer them between your choice of bread with a touch of mayonnaise. As a cold meat, add sweet pickle and crisp apples cut into quarter. This is very nice with a glass of white wine. As a party food canape, cut into cubes and add cheese or fruit on a cocktail stick.

Liver Pate

This is a small fully cooked pork liver pate that is ready to eat. Its a wonderful spread for bread and biscuits and a tasty component in a continental breakfast.

You can use it as a base pate and extend it with wine, brandy or cream or even add fruit such as raisins or chopped dates.


Meat Loaf

This is a Swiss / German recipe comprising minced pork meat loaf. Its excellent for both hot and cold plates.

To serve with your choice of vegetables. You can also cut into half inch thick slices and shallow fry in hot vegetable oil just to colour the cut face. You can then serve with chips eggs and peas.

To serve cold, thin the slices and use in salads, sandwiches or in meat platters. Its also excellent for continental breakfasts and tastes great with cheese.

Hungarian Salami


This is a pork based recipe that is subtly flavoured. Its ready to eat, very versatile and can be used as a cold meat within a salad; also delicious in sandwiches and pizzas.

Its a superb party food and excellent for the kid's school lunch box!

Continental Salami

This is a fully cooked ready-to-eat pork salami with a slight hint of bacon. Well suited for sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes and continental breakfasts.

As a party dish and canape use as follows:

  • Take each slice, spread with moyannaise or mustard;
  • Add chopped pastry and roll up the slice;
  • Hold with three tooth picks and cut into three.
For a meaty treat, just spread each slice with Liver Pate and roll up, hold with cocktail sticks then cut into three!

Garlic Salami

The Garlic Salami has an excellent flavour with just a hint of garlic. Its perfect for sandwiches, pizzas and can be used as a cold meat with a salad platter.

The Beef Salamis are produced from Farmer's Choice own fresh beef, and then expertly blended into a firm textured cooked meat that is full of flavour. They work well in sandwiches, salads, pasta dishes and continental breakfasts.

For party dishes or canapes, add spring onions or fresh parsley to your slice, roll and hold with two cocktail sticks. Cut in half between the cocktail sticks and serve.

You can be inventive and add some sweet or savoury products as well. Cold slices are excellent with hot eggs and chips.

Have fun with the products and invent your own delicious creations!

Sweet Pepper Polony

Sweet pepper polony is a unique blend of selected fresh lean meats whose flavourhas been heightened with red, yellow and green sweet peppers. The texture and appearance are also very inviting. The sweet peppers make the polony not only rich in flavour but also more succulent. Try in salads, sandwiches and as party canapes.

Smoked Beef


Tender lean beef made from a specially selected muscle. Its carefully cured and expertly smoked to remain succulent inside.

It can be used in many ways; with salads, sandwiches, sliced in pasta dishes or as party food-just roll it with mustard and hold with a cocktail stick and you are good to go!

Cooked Stuffed Turkey Thigh

The Cooked Stuffed Turkey Thigh is an absolutely delicious product made from milk fed turkeys. The turkey thigh is de-boned and then expertly stuffed with the famous Farmer's Choice savoury pork & herb sausage meat.

It can be served hot or cold. To serve hot, put into a plastic food bag and heat in a microwave for just 6 minutes. If you do not have a microwave, put the turkey joint in a food grade bag and seal. Place it in water and bring it to boil. Allow to simmer for 20 minutes. Once hot, slice and serve with your choice of vegetables. Great in sandwiches, mixed salads, hot chips and is delicious with cheese.

Honey Glazed Ham

This Ham is produced from the best muscles of the prk leg. It is cured, smoked, cooked and ready to eat. The skin is removed and it is then glazed with honey and brown sugar, decorated with cloves and hot roasted in oven. Its superb in salads, sandwiches, delicious with cheese and even better with pineapple. It also works well with egg and chips.

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