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Required Pig Standards (Specifications)

We supply pork and pork products to local, regional and international markets hence standardization of slaughter pigs is paramount.

Some of the expected standards:-

    • Pigs coming in for slaughter must be healthy.
    • Pigs must be fit for human consumption on post mortem meat inspection.
    • Pigs must come from disease free zones as per livestock movement policy.
    • Farmers delivering pigs must possess relevant animal movement documents e.g. valid animal movement   permit from their local District Veterinary Officer (DVO).
    • Animals must be heavy enough so that the meat yield is optimal, best weight recommended is 90 to100kg live weight. Such a pig would kill at about 56kg to 85kg Cold Dressed carcass Weight (CDW) on average. Heavier pigs are also accepted
    • New farmers are expected to have been visited by our field officers before animals are declared fit for slaughter.
    • Animals are expected to be housed properly so that what they are fed on is closely controlled.
    • Males must be castrated for our market; this eliminates the male taint in meat.

Other conditions set

Pigs are bought depending on the carcass quality as shown below:-

    • Class 1 export standard 60-75kg cold dressed carcass weight CDW 8 -0mm fat depth, well formed eye at the loin.
    • Class2 standard pig all fat levels 56-75kgcdw.
    • Class 3 production (manufacturing) all fat levels 76-85kg cdw.
    • Class 4 production porkers all fat levels 50-55kgcdw.
    • Class 5 production porkers all fat levels 40-49 kg cdw.
    • Class 6 production (manufacturing) all fat levels86-100kg cdw.
    • Class 7 production heavy hogs all fat levels 101-120kg cdw.
    • Class 8 production heavy hogs all fat levels above120kgcdw.
    • Class 9 production (sows) curled all fat levels, all weights.
    • Pigs below 40kgcdw are not accepted.
    • Entire boars are not accepted under any circumstances.
    • All pigs must be delivered to slaughter house before 6.00pm in accordance with animal movement policy, the company reserves the right of not accepting pigs after the set time.

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