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Farmer's Choice - services offered
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Services Offered by the Company

Efforts towards getting an awesome pig to the factory for slaughter necessitated the company to establish a Pig Procurement Department that oversees all operations geared towards bringing in pigs for slaughter. This is a team of technical field staff on livestock production lead by a veterinary surgeon.

Specific services includes but not limited to:-

    • Free field extension advisory services. The field officers  move from farm to farm in virtually all areas in the country where there is pig growing potential advising farmers on the best pig husbandry practices from when born to market weight, issues addressed  are piglets management, weaners management, growers management, Finishers management, breeders management.  Advise on when to sell their animals for slaughter, field extension staff are required to issue the farmer with a farm visit report with details on various issues advised for future reference.
    • Free pig transportation to the slaughter house from farmers. This is geared towards encouraging farmers to continue with pig rearing and forms a part of cost sharing between the company and the pig farmer. However if a farmer is willing to deliver his pigs to the factory a transport subsidy is paid to the farmer per pig depending on the distance from the farm.
    • Good superior genetics are availed to the farmers from the company’s nucleus herd which ensures that pig breeding continues in the country hence ensures a sustained pig production. Farmers are expected to purchase the breeders at a set fee which varies from time to time.
    • Highly subsidized pig feed is also available to farmers from the company’s mill located at Kasarani. However only farmers supplying pigs to the factory are allowed to buy feeds. Because the mill can not meet demand for feeds from all pig farmers in the country. 
    • Prompt payment to farmers when they deliver pigs. Pig rearing is a capital intensive venture therefore prompt payment helps the farmer to feed the other animals so that he can supply tomorrow. Thus payment is done on the second working day after pigs are slaughtered. ‘’We actually pay by the nose!’’
    • Training of new and existing farmers on new upcoming pig rearing technology.

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