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Corporate Social Responsibility

Farmer’s Choice  is involved  in many activities related to community service and sports that raise funds for disadvantaged communities. The company is a partner and a friend to destitute children's homes, aged citizen houses, palliative care centres and other establishments. 

Farmers Choice has a wellness program that is geared towards total Wellness for staff. Free health screening for blood pressure, blood sugar, blood cholesterol levels and body mass index assessments are offered at the Wellness Centre and Clinic.  Nutritional education and advice is also offered to the employees while physical fitness is encouraged. A sports ground is provided and is open to all employees willing to use the facility.

Recently, our HIV/AIDS program was upgraded to a wellness program on realization that lifestyle diseases are posing a great challenge to the health status of our society at large and the way forward would be prevention management rather than treatment.

Identifying the risk factors through health education and regular screening ensures early diagnosis which changes the prognosis of the non-communicable Diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, obesity and cancer. The Wellness  program  helps  spearhead this  critical agenda  of enabling  total lifestyle  change through regular health screening, having a regular exercise program, healthy eating habits and the avoidance of behavioral risks.

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