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Terms and Conditions

The Farmer's Choice  website is governed by the terms and conditions set out below. Please take time to read them. By using or registering on the website you will have accepted these terms and conditions.


Use of the website and all associated processes are governed by the laws of Kenya.


Farmer's Choice  reserves the right to make changes to the content and requirements for registration provided in the website without notice and without liability.

Site Content

Farmer's Choice  has no responsibility for the accuracy,veracity and completeness of information transmitted or transferred by you to the website, nor for any errors in the manner of its input. Contract documentation on this site may not be amended, altered or modified in any way nor may it be reproduced without the consent of Farmer's Choice . The site will record all persons or legal entities downloading information. Any person accessing or using the website is deemed to consent to such recording. Users of the website agree they will not upload any material, including questions, which are malicious, frivolous or otherwise inappropriate. Any breach of this nature could result in de-registration. It is a condition of registration on the website that registered users are to supply Farmer's Choice  with accurate information at all times. It shall be the responsibility of registered users to keep their information up to date. Farmer's Choice  reserves the right to withdraw registration if, in our view, the information is found to be inaccurate. It shall be the responsibility of registered users to safeguard their registration details.

Communicating with Users

Farmer's Choice  will from time to time send e-mails to registered users including occasional surveys and questionnaires. By registering you agree to the receipt of e-mails.

Category Expertise

If you purport to offer expertise in a particular category of work, this shall not be taken to mean that Farmer's Choice  accepts that you do, in fact, have that expertise.


While all reasonable security precautions have been taken by Farmer's Choice , including the provision of a secure and robust operating environment, the nature of communication by the Internet is such that Farmer's Choice  cannot absolutely guarantee the privacy or confidentiality of communications transmitted via the Internet from interference by third parties.


Farmer's Choice  shall not be liable for any delays, interruptions, errors or failures in the provision of the Website services. Farmer's Choice  shall not be liable, either in contract or in tort, for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages or any other losses, costs or expenses of any kind claimed to have arisen as a result of using the Farmer's Choice  or as a result of the non-availability, non-functioning or malfunctioning of the Website services or otherwise in connection therewith.


Farmer's Choice  will endeavour to ensure that the information and data on the Website is accurate and that the website itself operates properly at all times, but because it is an electronic medium and interaction with it involves remote servers and the public internet, we must make the following disclaimers:

Farmer's Choice  does not accept responsibility expressed or implied for the accuracy, suitability, usefulness, and completeness or otherwise of the information and data contained in the website;

does not warrant that the information and data contained in the website is free from infection by computer viruses or that it does not infringe the intellectual property rights of any person anywhere in the world;

does not authorize the infringement of any intellectual property rights contained in material in the website;

does not accept responsibility for any errors in transmission or downloading documentation from or to the website

Farmer's Choice  reserves the right to amend this disclaimer as and when required without notice by updating this posting


The information displayed in the website is public. Reproduction is authorised provided the source is acknowledged.

Publication of data

By registering on the website you are giving your consent to Farmer's Choice  to publish information, other than that exempt from disclosure in accordance with the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act and the Data Protection Act. Farmer's Choice  shall determine whether Commercially Sensitive Information and/or any other information provided by you to the website is exempt from disclosure.

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