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We are the market leader in both fresh and processed meats. As a result, our customers remain confident that the meat products they receive have been prepared properly and hygienically in compliance with the highest international standards. We offer thorough quality control from start to finish.


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Did You Know ?

In addition to pork and beef we also distribute other varieties of meat products like turkey, chicken, dairy products, vegetables, and tilapia.

If you are interested in premium Halal meat products we have a sister company called Choice Meats that is committed to manufacturing and providing the best Halal meat to all of our customers both locally and worldwide.

We also offer nutrient-rich pet food, so whether you own a cat or dog, you’re in luck! 

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Our high-quality products are conveniently available country-wide across all major retail outlets making sure you get your breakfast, lunch & dinner every day

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Mick Winslade
Wonderful welcoming people, highly recommended.
mick winslade
Cynthia Wanjiru Orangi
Nice premises. very organized. Polite staff.

Frederick Imbova
Nice place, hygiene standards are very and good products with great quality.
Fredrick Imbova
Solomon Kabonoki
Best place if you value hygiene, good prices and quality meat
Solomon Kabonoki

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