At Farmers Choice, sustainability is at the core of all our operations. Through our brands, products, operations and partnerships we are driving innovative change for a better future.

  • Our People

    We value all our employees and believe that they are the key to our success. At Farmer’s Choice, we offer all employees an environment of openness and mutual respect in which everyone can make the best possible contribution.
  • Health and wellbeing

    Our Workplace wellness programme focuses on physical, financial and psychosocial wellbeing of all our employees. The programme is run by well-trained peer-educators, who are employees passionate about wellness.
  • Our Environment

    Tree planting, energy efficiency, biogas Tree growing: Farmer’s Choice is committed to protecting and replenishing our earth’s natural resources, recognizing that biodiversity loss can result in critical reductions in the resources provided by the earth’s ecosystems, which contribute to economic prosperity and human development. Energy efficiency / Biogas:Farmer’s Choice is committed to continually improve energy
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