On Friday 26 January 2024, we hosted a successful Pig Farmhand and farmers training session at Rainbow Ruiru Resort, attended by over 50 passionate participants. The focus was on empowering attendees with insights into modern pigs farming techniques that included vaccination, hygiene practices, feeding, breeding, record keeping, disease control, and over all farm management practices.
As a key stakeholder, Farmer’s Choice has been dedicated to supporting local farmers, helping them maximize their produce, optimize margins, and embrace sustainable farming practices. Our education programs, in collaboration with local ministry representatives, play a crucial role in this mission. Additionally, we provide support to our farmers through the production of subsidized animal feeds, high performing pig breeds and free extension services across the country.
Our recent decision to increase the purchase of pigs from local farmers to 80% (up from 50% a few years back) reflects our commitment to the growth of our business, the farming community, and indeed the entire Kenyan pig industry and calls for an enhancement of our support programs which in turn paves way for sustainable development for the company, the farmers, and the broader agricultural landscape in Kenya.

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