Farmers Choice has announced the launch of a new addition to their product range: Beef Smokies Bazenga. This product promises to revolutionize the snack and meal experience for meat consumers. Beef Smokie Bazenga is crafted from the finest quality beef, seasoned uniquely and smoked to perfection. Falling under cooked products range, this irresistible smokie offers a bold, savory flavor profile that is both rich and satisfying, making it an ideal choice for any occasion, from family barbecues or meals to quick on-the-go snacks.

Speaking at the official Launch, Mr. Paul Odeyo, the company’s Commercial Manager said, “We are excited to introduce Beef Smokies Bazenga to the market. Our consumers can now enjoy the deliciousness of our iconic smokies in a larger size. While this new addition does not affect our already trading smokie, it does answer to the needs of a section of our consumers, and that is what we are about. Meeting the dynamic needs of our diverse consumers. Our team has worked tirelessly to perfect the recipe, and we believe it will become a favorite to many.”

The launch which took place at one of the company’s distribution shops in Kasarani was also attended by Mr. Osborn Njiru, the Fast Food Manager, who emphasized that while the product comes in the traditional unique flavor, it’s a larger in size and its pricing is carefully set to take care of both the trader and the end consumer. “Being a cooked product it can be enjoyed straight from the package or be warmed just a little. It can also go into a combination with other foods to make family meals. We invite everyone to enjoy Beef Smokies Bazenga as they are now available at retail delis, cafeterias and through our trolley vendors nationwide.” He added.

The iconic Farmers Choice smokie is one of the wide range of products that the company produces. Being a business that has shaped the industry of meat processing in Kenya since 1980 with its wide range of products from sausages, to bacon, to hams and fresh cuts, consumers will be excited to learn of this new addition and want to try it out. The company has grown over the years to now not only produce for local consumers but also to export beef, pork and lamb products to different parts of the world such as UAE, West and East Africa.

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