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You deserve to enjoy an amazing meal this week!! How to prepare Lamb shoulder Chops😋...
Now available on offer for only 450/- per Kg. Free delivery in Nairobi city limits...
Call 0742967604 or 0798494470 and place your order.
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ndio hizi offers mumeletwo. nunueni museme ni mimi nimewatuma, wanifanye sausage brand ambassador alafu mchesautheri iende international. I believe in you all!

We have amazing offers for you. Grab yours while the stock lasts. You don't wanna miss out on this FLASH SALE!!! #meatingyourneedssince1980

Congratulations to @audrey.sarvaiya1 and @hinga_rs Winners of a Farmer's Choice hamper! Best Pork Belly slices recipe. Dm us with your details. FarmersChoiceKE photo

Juu ya hiyo story, pewa packet moja ya sausages. Dm us your details.
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