Farmers Choice Ltd. (FCL) partnered with Premier Food Industries Ltd (PFIL), Wire Products Ltd., and Allpack Industries Ltd to support the residents of Kasarani Constituency with food donations and clothing who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. To receive the donations was the area member of parliament Hon. Mercy Wanjiku who thanked the teams for uniting to support vulnerable families,

“Kasarani is a big constituency and I assure you what you have done today will go a long

way to help the needy among us. As a mother here, I know how hard it may be for families.

God bless you for your support”.

The food hampers were handed to the area MP who with the help of the area leaders would ensure the severely affected families are identified and supported.

FCL recognizes that these times call for us not to stand by but to stand up for our communities and extend a helping hand. In addition to this initiative, FCL continues to support thousands of smokie vendors, who have been greatly affected by the pandemic. By working with both the national and local Governments, FCL has trained the vendors on proper hygiene, how to make and wear masks, the importance of social distancing while conducting business, and keeping the trolleys clean. FCL also supplies the smokie vendors with hand sanitizers and handwashing stations.

FCL also ensures that all staff at the workplace adhere to the Government COVID 19 containment and precautionary measures. Social distancing, regular washing of hands at the factory and offices are mandatory at all times with regular temperature tests done for all staff and visitors.

Maintaining trust with customers during this time has also been important for FCL. The introduction of the ‘Kwa Estate’ initiative has ensured that customers from far and wide continue to have their favorite FCL products delivered to them at their doorstep.