Across civilization and culture, encased meat has been a human staple. And while the origin of meat processing is lost in antiquity, it was in the late 1990s when the Smokie debuted in the Kenya retail market and has ever since gained popularity throughout East Africa and Juba.

The Smokie is a type of ready- to- eat smoked sausage that can be made of pork, beef, chicken or a blend of all these meats and other flavourful inclusions.

The contemporary role of the Smokie fits conveniently into our modern lifestyles as some elegant snack rich in high quality protein and is devised to please the palates of all income group thresholds.

Job creation being a crucial factor of production and an essential element of social cohesion, the Smokie has enabled Farmer’s Choice to create employment for over 500,000 Smokie vendors across the country.

While an average vendor earns about Ksh. 2,500 for every 5kgs of smokies; essentially, the resources needed to start a Smokie business will include a good trolley, a busy location and a certificate of medical examination.

Irene Wambui, a Kahawa West Shopkeeper cum Smokie Vendor evokes the delights of starting the business two months ago. While covid-19 has affected the overall Smokie sales, she underpins the business has enabled her to put food on the table for her family.

Having commenced the business with a capital of Ksh.10, 200/=, Irene advises other aspiring vendors to always conduct a thorough market feasibility prior to starting the business and to first invest in the smallest smokies pack whilst observing demand.