A good father is one of the most unsung, unpraised, unnoticed, and yet one of the most valuable assets in our society.” – Billy Graham.

On the third Sunday of June every year, the world marks Father’s Day. A celebration in honor of the men who give of themselves to raise the next generation. Be it their affection, time, money, or mentorship.

Despite this huge responsibility, the celebration is heavily understated as compared to mother’s day. Perhaps because of the austere simplicity with which men treat any celebration, always the consummate expression of silent strength.

This year, we set out to celebrate fathers in true Kenyan fashion through the iconic “Dad’s Chair” that is a staple of every Kenyan household. The dad chair has survived generations, evolving from the old rustic makuti seat, the checked sofa set to the current Lazy boy. We invited our fans to pay tribute to their dads by sharing their #Dad’s Chairs well as why they would be celebrating their dads this year. The campaign attracted participation from 600+ people and on Friday, 3 winners were selected to receive customized Dad hampers to celebrate with their dads on Sunday the 20th of June, the official date for the Father’s day celebrations 2021.

The Hamper is a fine selection of Dad treats including our signature pork belly ribs, juicy burgers, enthralling boerewors, and tasty Choma sausages.

We celebrate Father’s Day with a special appreciation of all the dads who make life an enriching journey. You are seen, you are appreciated, you are loved.

Below are our lucky winners from the campaign;

– Carol Karanja

– Johnson Mugodo

– Michelle Atieno