Our Farmer’s Choice family took a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about boarding school days through engaging online conversations and exciting on-ground activations. The “Put Your Finger Down School Edition” digital engagement had our audience sharing hilarious boarding school moments, from – milk powder- to -mkarango- to -sausages were for Tata wa Harrier – and so much more.

Our on-ground activations, in the fast-food sector as well as high traffic transit areas that were graced by our Farmer’s Choice branded ‘’students”, created a buzz with special giveaways for returning students. A big shout out to our online and offline family for reminiscing and creating beautiful memories with us. Special thanks to all eat-out joints that ensure Farmer’s Choice delights are fresh for students during this special Back to School season and always.

Let’s continue to engage and create memories filled with love in every bite!


Some of the memories that got the Farmer’s Choice #backtoschool conversation going

Farmer’s Choice “student” rewards a returning student with merchandise. * Face blurred out for confidentiality reasons.

A student gets a serving of Farmer’s Choice Sumptuous sausage in sauce on her way #backtoschool *Face blurred out for confidentiality reasons.


Farmer’s Choice “Students” and team get ready for the #Backtoschool activation