When Farmers Choice rallied behind Ian Duncan for the return of ‘The Flying Sausage,’ it was a journey fueled by pride, confidence, and excitement. The 2023 East Africa Safari Classic Rally, renowned as one of the world’s most challenging motor races, unfolded over ten intense days from December 9th to the 18th. With grueling terrains, extended competitive stretches, and unpredictable weather conditions, over 60 drivers navigated challenges like overheating tires, punctures, and the customary respect for local road users and wildlife.

In the demanding world of rally racing, resilience, teamwork, and unwavering focus are paramount. Ian Duncan, with his special commitment to the sport, emphasized the months of preparation leading to a few days of play. The meticulous attention to detail for the car and the crew, comprising around 10 drivers, engineers, mechanics, and the team manager, exemplifies the spirit of Farmer’s Choice in its pursuit of exellence to be the most respected branded meat plant on the continent.

At Farmer’s Choice, we take pride in delivering high quality products, a commitment to customer service, and continuous innovation, making us a consistent force in producing the finest meat and meat products locally cherished and globally enjoyed.

Today, we joyfully celebrate Ian Duncan for his promise-keeping, unwavering commitment, and overcoming challenges to ascend from a 13th position start to an impressive 5th place finish in the 4,000km rally. Piloting his Nissan Datsun 280Z, Ian secured a noteworthy 2nd place finish among Kenyan drivers. We commend him for revitalizing ‘The Flying Sausage’ and reliving our nostalgia.

We extend heartfelt thanks to all the game supporters for their evident online and offline support throughout the racing period. To share our joy, we’re extending promotions on Safari Sausages until the end of December 2023. Our iconic Safari Sausages are a nod to our initial partnership with Ian Duncan and ‘The Flying Sausage,’ marking his triumphant victory in the 1994 WRC, the first of his international career.

Heartfelt congratulations to Ian Duncan and Navigator Jaspal Matharu for making Farmer’s Choice proud, bringing back the nostalgia of ‘The Flying Sausage’ in style.